Our Story

Well, the story is like this. Once upon a time, a blessed woman had three lovely daughters. They all love dresses. So they spent a lot of time and money just trying to buy all the cute dresses. They bought a lot of dresses and thought that they had found a lot of cute dresses. Until one day, they saw really cute Japanese fabrics in a store… “Awe~why don’t we turn these fabrics into a dress and that would be awesome” exclaimed the eldest daughter as she was in love with the fabric. “You are absolute right, but by whom?” asked the mother. Okay, the mother is me. So besides my full time job in the math field, I found a part time job at a local clothing factory to learn how to sew. While I was learning to sew, my daughters and I would line up different fabrics together to try to find “the fabric combination and style” that would satisfy all of us. Our ah-ha moment came when we realized that many of the fabric combination that we loved had involved some form of polka dots. That’s it! that was the secret ingredient to our perfect dress and happiness. It’s been a lovely, enjoyable, and exciting journey so far for me and for my daughters. Plus, each piece is handmade with love. After making a few dresses for my girls we decided that we would share our happiness with everyone and make girls in the world just a little happier. We hope that you will enjoy our creations or customize your own happy dress.